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Waste Management Franchise Agreements

Posted on 14 Apr 2021 by Kay

The city has an exclusive franchise contract for the collection of waste and valuable materials with Coast Waste Management. For frequently asked questions about waste transportation, please visit our frequently asked questions section. November 2017: The city has commissioned the consulting firm of Sloan Vazquez McAffee (SVM) to support the development of an RFP franchise agreement for solid waste and recyclable materials. The SVM would also help to collect public contributions and hold public meetings to gather input on what should be included in the new agreement. SVM has developed a questionnaire to stimulate feedback from current and potential private and commercial customers in Carson City. The city hosted the questionnaire on the city`s website so that the questionnaire could be completed and submitted directly from this website. SVM has also created an email address specifically for individuals to request a questionnaire, submit a completed questionnaire or provide unwritten submissions. Questionnaires were also provided to the public works department for pickup. February and March 2018: Five public meetings were held to meet with the public, have an open debate and collect additional contributions.

Public appointments and schedules as well as the request to complete a questionnaire were published via a note on all water bills, on social networks (Facebook, Twitter), communications at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce, communications at the Downtown Business Association, CarsonNow.org, within certain articles and part of the Nevada Appeal opinion and a specific announcement in the Sunday edition of the Nevada Appeal before each public meeting. A total of 475 completed questionnaires and other unwritten comments were received by email and telephone. During this period, potential bidders and other interested local tugs were invited to submit their submissions. Survey Results – April 5, 2018: Council received recommendations on certain points to be included in the Request for Proposals. The Board of Directors has provided direction to include: 1) housing and franchise services; 2) construction and demolition services would be excluded from the franchise; 3) Mandatory housing service would be used weekly with an exemption for residents who can justify regular use of the landfill; 4) Costs for both normal and safe wildlife cars to provide to all customers on mandatory service; 5) Unique automated electricity recycling service would be picked up every two weeks; 6) offer paid commercial recycling, which encourages participation; and 7) options for collecting and disposing of farm waste that would reflect seasonal variations. See card package (see item 20A) View meeting minutes or listen to the Audio Watch Meeting webcast – June 21, 2018: Council has ordered employees to launch the PSR for blocked and recyclable material collection services and to design an agreement that includes residential and commercial services, a mandatory housing service , automated waste and an electricity recycling service, as well as options for Yard`s waste services. View card package (see item 18G) View meeting minutes or listen to the Audio Watch Meeting webcast – June 26, 2018: A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued, inviting suppliers to provide services for collecting raw materials and recycled materials.

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