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Smis User Agreement

Posted on 12 Apr 2021 by Kay

1) on the training and dissemination of information on the critical state of technical and technical assistance systems, the state of the Foundation, the structure of buildings and structures, technological processes, technical protection structures, documentation, a parameter of the state of technology and technical assistance systems on a protected medium, the condition of the foundation, the structures and structures of the foundation , technological processes, technical protection structures; (d) to ensure the implementation of the software and hardware requirements of the BSC.2.2 The structure of Book 1 “Subsystem of Collection and Communication (PSP)” is presented in Appendix E.3 requirements relating to the structure and content of Book 2 “Subsystem of Communication and Management in Object Crisis Situations” (SUKS)3. 4 Requirements for the structure and content of Book 3 “Subsystem monitoring engineering structures (storage), hazardous natural processes and phenomena (SMIC)”4.1 The construction solutions described in Book 3 include:a) solutions for monitoring and determining current value deviations from the standard parameters that characterize the condition of foundations. , building structures , technical protection structures, hazardous natural processes and phenomena in the building`s construction and operation zone (defined by STU, TZ); SMIS should plan for:- predict and avoid emergency situations by monitoring the parameters of procedures to ensure the operation of objects and determining deviations from their current values from standards;- the continuity of collection, transmission and processing of information about the values of process parameters, to ensure the operation of objects;- the formation and transmission of formalized operational information on the state of technological systems and changes in the state of structures technical and technical objects in the service and service of objects Shipping services of the object;- preparation and transmission of a formalized emergency declaration in institutions, including acts of terrorism, to the daily governing bodies of the RSChS; – automated notification of an accident, emergency and evacuation measures required; – automated notification of the relevant specialists responsible for the safety of the facilities; – documentation and recording of emergency situations as well as service and shipping services of objects.

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