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Bona Fide Collective Bargaining Agreement

Posted on 08 Apr 2021 by Kay

(d) payment of health, social security and pension benefits. (1) Health and social security and/or pension payments to a bona fide insurance plan or fiduciary program can be made on a regular basis, which is no less frequent than every quarter. However, if the determination of ancillary benefits takes into account a fixed contribution for each worker and a contractor has proof of his option to provide electronic cash equivalents or hourly differential payments, these payments must be made without delay on the normal salary date. (See paragraph 4.165.) (a) The wage requirements of the law are not met if unauthorized deductions, rebates or refunds reduce the payment of the wage to the employee below the minimum amounts required by law and the provisions of the law, or if the worker does not receive these sums free of charge and clearly because he “rejects” all or part of the salary paid to him for the benefit of the employer. The permitted deductions are limited to the amounts prescribed by law, such as taxes. B that must be paid by the workers who must be withheld by the employer and the amounts that the employer must pay to another person by court order; the deductions allowed for reasonable costs or fair value of the catering, accommodation and accommodation services covered in point 4.167 above; and deductions of amounts that can be paid to third parties under its transfer or voluntary decision or collective agreement with representatives of good faith workers, on behalf of and benefit of the worker that apply to the employer. Deductions for amounts paid to third parties in the worker`s account that are not thus authorized or that violate the law or whose contractor, subcontractor or related person directly or indirectly deducts a payment, rebate, commission, benefit or benefit cannot be made if they cut the salary payable under the law. The principles for determining the admissibility of deductions for payments to third parties are explained in more detail in the provisions of Title 531.38-531.40. b) equivalent ancillary benefits. 1. The obligation for a contractor to provide ancillary services, indicated in a given cash amount, can be met by the provision of any combination of “bona fide” ancillary services that cost the same amount. Therefore, where an applicable provision stipulates that 20 cents per hour must be paid to a pension fund, this ancillary benefit obligation is considered to be met if, instead, hospital benefits cost at least 20 cents per hour are considered to be met.

The same obligation is met when hospital benefits of 10 cents per hour and life insurance benefits of 10 cents per hour are granted. As noted in point 4.171 (c), the worker is not entitled to another legislator, such as the work allowance, may be charged on compliance with the statutory requirements for ancillary benefits. (2) indicate the periods or periods during which the worker was or is employed pursuant to an agreement under Section 7 B) (1) or 7 B) (2) of the Act, and (1) a provision of a collective agreement that has been or is recognized by the Administrative Director in accordance with Section 3201.5; or (1) List of any worker employed in accordance with each of these collective agreements and any modification and complement.

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